-How to level up your property development projects?-

Proptech might be a buzz word but it’s a word that any prospect investor, property developer or business leader should take seriously. Whether we are talking about shopping malls, business premises or residential areas – developing a property means looking into the future. Factoring in numbers and basic facts such as location, quality of construction, return on investment, market volatility predictions etc. – it’s clear that this is not an easy decision-making process. But if we put the fast-changing technology and sustainability challenges into this equation, it only gets more complicated.

In our digital era of hyper connectivity where people are online every waking minute and interacting with their physical surroundings in a completely different way than 10 years ago, taking into consideration how your premises correspond to new technologies is crucial. And proptech is exactly that: any technology that makes your real estate smarter and more beneficial to its visitors or residents.

How can Strawberry solar Smart Bench improve any property that seeks to attract more visitors or make everyday life in a residential area more pleasant and environmentally friendlier? To answer this question, let’s take a look at 3 important fields of property development: shopping malls / consumer interaction points, business premises and residential areas.

It’s not about shopping anymore. It’s about hanging out.

In the last decade of the 20th century, shopping malls were one of the major points of interaction between a customer and a wide variety of brands – from food to retail and entertainment. Business Insider reports that “about 15% of malls in the USA will disappear in the next decade, according to a study by Green Street Advisors.” 

Is there a way to increase the “foot traffic” rates in the malls and retain shoppers longer on your business premises?

As technology evolves, shoppers expect the surroundings to correspond to that change. Consumers are more likely to visit the premises and do chores, seek entertainment and spend time at places where the technology works to their benefit. A forward-thinking commercial property developer will, for that reason, include several non – commercial relaxation points where visitors can rest, hang out, check their messages, charge phones and spend time without actually spending money. The benefit here is a two – way street. And that’s precisely what we had in mind when we designed our Smart Bench Mini – connectivity, relaxation and meaningful interaction for consumers but also a substantial benefit for advertisers and businesses. A possibility for shoppers to connect to WiFi via customized landing page. Smart Bench also generates reports on total number of WiFi connections and chargings, total duration of chargings etc. so that investors can have a clear picture of the usage statistics. All that with no maintenance required and zero carbon footprint.

Customer relationship starts at your headquarters!

Your company is expanding, you want to hire more professionals and offer them the next-level comfortable and modern business premises that transpire high standards of your business ethics and do not compromise on environmental and aesthetic principles. Proptech solutions should be part of your real estate management requirements. It’s easy to be envious of Google or any other Silicon Valley headquarters with enormous amounts of money invested into acquiring sustainable, wide, enjoyable and posh premises. 

But you can do as much as focus on your employees and clients, visitors coming to your headquarters or business locations and offer them a unique and interesting hangout place. Small talk is migrating from water coolers to outdoors, as many people want to spend their breaks outside, soaking up the sun and enjoying some fresh air. Making that experience more comfortable and enjoyable and showing that you not only take care of your employees and offer some added value to their work hours but also take care of the environment and invest in new technologies – really goes a long way, as any CSR manager would tell you. 

That free hotel Wi – Fi you always wanted!

Hospitality industry is a good example of how small investment can elevate consumer experience and attract new clients. In the age of AirBnB, hotels and resorts are inclined to find new innovative incentives to engage and amaze. Sometimes a small addition can be a decisive factor for travellers. Like a solar bench by the pool where guests of the hotel can charge their phones and get information on humidity, temperature, but also make countless selfies, post them right away via free and fast WiFi network and tag your hotel. That right there is visibility for your brand that you couldn’t have hoped for.

Neighbourhood is the extension of home

Property developers know that incorporating modern technology is the best way to signal the high quality, expertise and strong vision for the future. Smart bench strikes several key factors that prospect residents are interested in: connectivity, modern design, social impact and green energy. A nice old-fashioned bench in the neighborhood or at the apartment complex is always a good idea, but modern city dwellers demand more. They want to be informed, connected and in touch with their surroundings. As their homes become smarter, they expect the same from their neighborhoods. Smart Bench is a spot for socializing, information and relaxation, fueled by green energy and with environmental impact of a regular bench. It can be branded and thus connect the residents to their local store or a brand they care about in a more meaningful and interesting way.

The potential of proptech is really endless and property developers should take notes and follow closely all the solutions it has to offer now and will offer in the near future. Changing the way we live, enjoy and operate in our surroundings means changing the old ways of building and implementing solutions. The future is now coming faster than ever, and you should be ready!