Strawberry energy is a well-established company founded in 2011 and known as a pioneer in creating and delivering smart and solar powered urban furniture for smart and sustainable cities. Strawberry’s purpose is to enhance the experiences of people in public spaces and provide them with energy, connectivity and relevant local information on the go.

Through our partner network or directly by ourselves, we have delivered solar benches to more than 30 countries, over 90 cities, and 5 continents.

Our benches presence:







We create smart city solutions for those who strive to:

  • be “green”, “smart” and improve the experiences of people in outdoor spaces, such as cities, real estate companies, shopping centres, business parks, retail parks, amusement parks, touristic destinations, universities, schools, hospitals;
  • create a meaningful connection with consumers, such as consumer goods companies and pharmaceutical companies;
  • empower communication and build a more connected world, such as telecommunication companies;
  • increase the share of renewable energy sources in everyday lives of people, such as energy companies;
  • solve pressing social problems and be the changemakers, such as NGOs. 

Apart from one-off product sales, we have created the first in the world Smart Bench Networks in London and Belgrade, in cooperation with our sponsor partners. These networks are the largest city-wide networks of Smart Benches in the world.

Our work has been recognized by many worldwide media outlets:

“These devices would have come in pretty handy after the storm’s power crunch.”


“Urban innovation that works. It sparks serendipitous connections between city dwellers.”

New City Foundation

“One of the 25 technologies every smart city should have”


“This is the future of benches in London”




Serbian Chamber of Commerce
Recognition for outstanding results

European Union’s Sustainable Energy Week 2011, Brussels
Public Consumption Reduction category


Belgrade Venture Forum

World Technology Award

Best innovative brand in Serbia
Golden Superbrands award


New Cities Summit in Dallas
‘Top ten urban innovations that work’- Strawberry Tree

GreenBiz Group, San Francisco
Winner of the Verge Accelerate competition


Canary Wharf Group, London
Winner of the Pilot Project and the “Cool prize” at the “Cognicity Challenge”

Institute for Sustainability in partnership with the Mayor of London’s Office, and supported by EIT Digital
Among winning innovations of the Connecting people and creating communities

Among 15 smart cities startups from UK to join the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, on his smart cities trade mission to Israel