-How to thrive and offer value in modern CSR landscape-

You are probably familiar with that famous “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” interview question. It is never an easy one to answer and it is even harder when you apply it to your brand. 

Where do you see your brand in 5 years? More successful, more profitable, more connected to its consumers. Naturally.

Naturally might just be the key point here. As we witness expansion and fast growth in technology, companies and brands are also running a new kind of race in order to maintain and preserve the trust of their consumers and clients. Sustainable and socially responsible brand behaviour is not just a pretty social media story anymore. Consumers want to see that the brand is practising what it preaches.

If you are an HR, CSR manager, sustainability or regulatory affairs manager or work in the marketing department, chances are that you are already involved in daily struggle to find sustainable and interesting CSR solutions that can not only contribute to your community but also be beneficial to your brand portfolio and in line with your company’s reputation and integrity. 

The rule of thumb is that if your brand is making an impact, you should give something back. We believe that the time has arrived for our public spaces to change and adapt to the mobile generation in order to answer our modern thirst for energy and connectivity.


Strawberry energy might have some great news for your CSR efforts. Smart Bench Mini helps you to combine the best of digital marketing and OOH, with measurable engagement and impact. All that while doing good for your community.

Providing a meeting point, a place to relax, encouraging sociability, enriching people’s experiences in urban areas by using green energy to charge their phones and devices and offer benefits to urban dwellers have been the focal points of the Smart Benches concept. 

Urban spaces are changing and developing, but are they keeping up the pace with our modern needs? 

Now, more than ever, it is important for brands to prove their value and vision for the future, to show their dedication to social responsibility and the local community. 

Providing a sustainable, useful and modern meeting point at your local community, allows your brand to form a more personal and practical relationship with people from that community, to become an integral part of their everyday lives and improve them.

With the Strawberry energy mobile app, possibility of branded WiFi landing page, branding surface and custom colour, people counter and free WiFi hotspot with ultrafast internet, it’s easy to see why companies such as Ford, Orange, UniCredit Bank, Bell Integration and many others, saw great potential in investing in smart solar furniture like Smart Benches

Smart Bench Mini installed on your premises or points of sale achieves several levels of consumer engagement in one: It inspires socialising, informs on the important environmental data, and provides free WiFi and charging ports with 100% green energy. If you give your clients, consumers or employees power and connectivity, 21st century air and water, they will give you love, respect and perceive your brand and business model as valuable and beneficial to their needs. And that surely is what every brand envisions for its future.